Last Stop – Yachthafen Wiesbaden-Biebrich

don’t feed.. don’t read..

and than we walked alond the banks of rhine..

Rhine, Wiesbaden

Egyptian Goose, sleeping

Second Stop – The Hop

Look at this amazing playground for children!

Every jump makes a sound. So, if you are talented, you are able to hop your favourite tune ;-)

Dance Chimes in the pedestrian zone of Wiesbaden:

many thanks to the hopping little charming lady :)

Walk around Wiesbaden – part II

..also there is daily life in every city..

… very interessting for me was the sitting sausage seller, because in berlin they are not allowed to sit..

sausages selle

.. and there are waiting dogs…

… and adventures dogs…

… and sometimes decorative pigeons..

… and there are certainly a lot of shops…


more jewellery

antiques shop

.. a cool old-fashioned record store…

records, music instruments and the beatles

… and vintage fashion..

beautiful boutique sign

…  dainty food..

… an old- fashioned coffeehouse, where the waitresses used to wear bonnets..

… and last but not at least lots of happy hippos :)

.. more to come..

Curious???  you’ll see… soon…

Have a nice day and a lovely weekend!!!!

First Stop – FLUXUS

The first stop on my trip was the Museum Wiesbaden,

because, if you belief it or not Wiesbaden is the cradle of Fluxus and the current exhibition honores this movent to its 50th birthday. The exhibition runs untill september, 23th, so don’t miss it, if you are somewhere around!

Fluxus art all over the city

promotion for Fluxus

Walk around Wiesbaden – part I


Wiesbaden is also well known for some healthy springs.. Unfortunately the taste of it is really awful…

Bäckerbrunnen – medical spring

Here you can see some more city sights.. The emperors monument is very impressiv.

Emperor Monument

..and as always, some buildings are ugly and some are nice ;-)

Insurance Building


Today I end with the view of the  Wiesbaden Kurhaus and you can look forward to some other sights of the city. Also I ‘d like to post some photos from the famous wine region Rheingau soon.

So stay tuned…