Berlin by Boat – part IV

After the log Mühlendammschleuße you come to the area, which is so called Mediaspree,

Trias Towers Berlin

the last bastion of spree bars Kater Holzig

… maybe I make a seperate post over the topic soon.

Kater Holzig

radialsystem – creative space for the arts

ver.di building (a German Trade Union)

Here you can take a look at O2 World, Berlins biggest multi use arena for concerts to icehockey, ect.. next to open air gallery, the East Side Gallery.

O2 World

East Side Gallery

Hope you like as well the rest of the tour in Berlin by boat – part V…

coming up soon…

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Berlin by Boat – part III – Captain Sparrows Crew

.. waiting for tourists at the log…  a lot of sparrows hanging arround like pirates at Mühlendammschleuße to catch the opportunity to raid..

At the log “Mühlendammschleuse” a bunch of “pirate- sparrows” are waiting for tourists to get their daily snacks

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