“Les Parapluies de Cherberlin”

LPdCberlinRain sucks.. Thank God.. there are colored umbrellas ;-)

Cora-Berliner Straße, Berlin-Mitte, Germany.

A Boat trip

berlin (17)on Landwehrkanal. One ot my favourit tours is “Brückenfahrt”, there you undercross lots of bridges in Berlin. If you like to see more sights out of a boat, you can click here for having a foto tour with me, if you are not able to do it by yourself ;-)

Berlin by boat – part II

.. so we passed by lots of other boat tours, here next to Alexanderplatz, in the back you can see Red City Hall, named after its clinker brick facade and residencene of the gowerning mayor of Berlin and federal state government..

lost of traffic on Spree..

empty space untill now: Berlin City Palace with Humbodt Box

here you can see the present free space in the middle of the inner city, the Berlin Castle is supposed to rebuild, still a controversial topic..

free field now.. “stop rebuilding the castle” – former space of Berlin Palace of GDR Republic – and former the Castle…

.. to the oldest and historic part of the inner city of Old Berlin, Nicolaiviertel and the Historic Habour…

The Nicolaiviertel is the oldest part in town

Historic Habour Berlin

more for you to come in part III … or look at part I here!

have a nice monday!!!!