Me love cookies :)

kr├╝mmel 003just met somebody most famous in the supermarket :)

Happy Monday to you all…

Gossip: Back for Good

Astonishing News: Bert is back !!!

For all the Ernie and Bert Fans around the World : Today on my way to U Bahn, I saw him- Bert- back, next to his buddy Ernie..

Don’t they both look luckier than ever?

I’m so glad to tell you that..

Everything is all right again in our neighborhood.


Gossip: Moved out? Or: Where is Bert?

Something horrible happed on my way to the underground this morning…remember my post about the new neighbors? I hardly can believe it.. Bert is gone! Do you think, they separeted after a big fight last weekend? Or is Bert Evil indeed?? So stay tuned.. I will investigate..