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Stroll from Kommandantenstrasse/ Bundesdruckerei via Axel Springer Building to Checkpoint Charlie, Martin- Gropius-Bau via Potsdamer Platz to Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag.

Someone’s Watching Me!

b 309b 004b 293b 296b 297b 303b 307b 308Next to Posdamer Platz (direction Stresemannstraße), hidden in a little sidestreet, there is an old remaining former watchtower. But not forgotten, as you can see, there are bike-tours pasing by.. So if you should somtimes be around, it’s worth to watch out for it :)

Where the Wall was

Today is German Unity Day.

So here is the occasion to post some pictures from the former Berlin border line.

Here, between Kreuzberg and Mitte, is a green area there, where the former Berlin Wall was.

So, if you’ll visit Berlin sometime, you also can make a “Berlin Mauerweg” Tour by bike.