Stepping down to the river

frankfurt 2013 (49)seen on Eisener Steg, Frankfurt/Main/Germany.


We Wait until it’s Green!

frankfurt 2013 (36)Daddy, girl and doggy waiting ’till the lights turn froggy (green)

pedestrian lights of high educational value..

seen in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

On a rainy day.. part II


This gallery contains 8 photos.

First stop of my journey was Frankfurt /Main. As you see, it was very wet ;-) Here you can see the skyline of so called “Mainhattan”, Dreikönigskirche and some egyptian gooses along the banks of river Main .

Fancy Pancy


my last post reminds me of these photos I took from a really fancy and , um, well, unique window decoration, I saw in Frankfurt/Main two years before in 2010 of a barber’s shop, on Bergerstraße. Unfortunately the photos are very bad, but maby you get an impression :)

so stay fancy! With this in mind: a nice upcoming weekend to you all!