Fernsehturm – the berlin tv tower

berlin tv tower

One of the most reknown buildings in berlin is the television tower, completed in 1969 in former German Democratic Republic. You nearly can see the Fernsehturm from everywhere in the city, so when I first moved to berlin I was very worried to go to places in the city unable to see it.. so when I get lost, I just walked around until I could see me beloved Fernsehturm to find my way home :-)

Here are some different views:

fernsehturm berlin

view from the former borderline between Kreuzberg and Mitte

berlin fernsehturm
tv tower, view from Leipzigerstrasse

gewitter über berlin
view from Frankfurter Allee 

view from Rosa-Luxenburg-Platz

fernsehturm nebel
misty berlin tv tower, view from Alexanderplatz

tv tower decorated as a football for the FIFA world cup in 2006

Visit in hamburg :))) part I

last weekend I visited some friends in hamburg..

It is an amazing city with this huge harbour… It’s completly different to berlin! In berlin, there is lots ot water too, but you never realise it such as you do in hamburg..

we made a trip by ferry to an half-island called finckenwerder and we had a  delicious picknick…

there was a festival called altonale with local artist, a lot to eat and to see.. we had a great time :)

hope you have a nice upcoming weekend too…

popeye welcomes you on elbestrand

EM fever

crazy EM football decoration in altona

big frog is watching you

cool car

graffity on the streets of hamburg

steel girder in an old factory building in altona