I love TRASH.. – a Project in Rubbish – no. 20

DSC_1138Funny Trash Bags, seen on Wilhelmstrasse, Munich- Schwabing.


I love TRASH.. – a Project in Rubbish – no 15

BotanischerGarten (10)

the Botanical Garden in Berlin have some very funny dustbins. Trash in Germany used to be seperated in glas, paper, plastic and residual waste. So here they took the german words and put the latin ending on them, matching to all the scientific latin botanical names round about.. clever and cute, isn’t it? Here you can see the plasticus berlinensis, papyrus antiquus, glasus vulgus and the restus wegwerfus… BotanischerGarten (1) BotanischerGarten (2) BotanischerGarten (3) BotanischerGarten (12)BotanischerGarten (34)