“Les Parapluies de Cherberlin”

LPdCberlinRain sucks.. Thank God.. there are colored umbrellas ;-)

Cora-Berliner Straße, Berlin-Mitte, Germany.


Mehringdamm’s motley crew


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First and Second Hand Boutique Checkpoint on Mehringdamm, Berlin-Kreuzberg. Same street where one of my favourite boutiques “Faster Pussycat” was, which unfortunately have to close. :-( So it ‘s a kind of sad that the real cool and stylish places … Continue reading

Karl and Coco’s Jacket

here are some snapshots from The Little Black Jacket Exhibition on Potsdamer Platz I went yesterday. Just to get a little impression, if you have not the possibilty to make or made your own visit in your city. We luckily caught a good time to drop in, we entered at once and it was not too crowded inside. However, there was a big queue as we went outside.